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3 Reasons You Should Use Contractor Accountants In London

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to choosing the firm of accountants to work for you is to arrange a face to face meeting. This is not always easy but if you are based in London or the Home Counties it makes sense to employ a firm of contractor accountants in London as they are easy to reach if you need to see them for anything once you have decided to employ them, as well as for the initial meeting.

Contractors have quite specific needs and accountants who deal with general company accounts are not always sufficiently experienced in these requirements. If you are local to the London area, it is very sensible to go with London contractor accountants if you can.

London contractor accountants are experienced

They see a huge range of contractors in all kinds of industries. Many accountants outside London are more likely to have a single area of expertise, for example, IT contractors and your sector may have a lot of different needs. You might have a lot of temporary staff, for example, or specialise in very short contracts. These specific parameters will mean that you need very precise accounting. Accountancy services for London contractors are likely to have seen it all, as their marketplace is so large. With more than 12% of the population of the UK living in Greater London, most sectors of business are represented, including, perhaps surprisingly, farming and food production on various scales.

Contractor accountants in London are accessible

London is very much a 24 hour city and most offices work flexibly. Sometimes, you will need to get an immediate answer from your accountants and this flexibility can certainly work for you. Also, because of the transport infrastructure, it is easier to get to London than almost anywhere else in the UK. As many large conglomerates and other potential customers are based in London, having your accountants where the work is makes a lot of sense, from a time management point of view.

London is a hub

Your accountants will not just be responsible for your company accounts, payroll and the rest. With proper information at their disposal, they can also act as a go-between with your customers, especially if they are also London based and you are not. For delivery of paperwork or to have something signed on your behalf, a London address is a real bonus, as some customers dislike travelling to see you. This can be a real time saver for you, especially if your business takes you out of the country or to far flung areas of Britain on a regular basis. For some customers from overseas who do not really know where smaller towns and cities are in the UK, a London address for your accountants makes you easily placeable and this adds an extra level of gravitas to your CV.

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